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RSS means that you can be alerted every time there is new information in one of these categories.

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What is RSS? How do I use it?

Here at, many different RSS feeds are available, to suit your interests. You can subscribe to everything that is published on, or just a specific subset of content.

If you want to be told every time a new item is posted on, you need a News Reader.

The most popular news readers are actually web applications: Google Reader and Bloglines. You use these with your web browser, and they are free. You can also use stand-alone applications. For the PC, the most popular is FeedDemon. For the Mac, the most popular is NetNewsWire.

To subscribe to a RSS news feed, copy the URL address of the RSS link and add it to your news reader application of choice. If your browser is set up correctly, you can even have it subscribe you automatically every time you click on an RSS button.

One more thing: You will sometimes see Atom mentioned as an alternative to RSS. Atom is a slightly different format of news feed, but almost all news readers understand both formats, so you won't need to worry about the distinction.

More About RSS:

You might have seen links or buttons labelled "RSS" on some sites. These link to a special version of the site that is easy for machines to read. In this version, stories are marked up in a way that tells machines when a story was written, what the title is, who the author is, and the location of the original story, among other things.

Why do we care if machines can "read" the contents of a website? Because more and more, people are relying on machines to help them aggregate large amounts of information, via programs called news readers. By subscribing to a large number of different websites via RSS, you don't need to visit them all to see if anything is updated. When a website updates, the news reader program will alert you, as it checks the website periodically, and can tell if anything new has been published.