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ANDRILL: Antarctic Continental Margin Drilling

imageANDRILL (ANtarctic geologic DRILLing) is a multinational collaboration of over 200 scientists, drillers, engineers, technicians, students and educators from Germany, Italy, New Zealand and the United States. The goal is to recover long stratigraphic records along the continental margins of Antarctica by drilling from an ice shelf or sea ice platform. By interpreting these sedimentary rock records, scientists can understand how Antarctica


The mission of ANDRILL’s Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program is to communicate climate change science to non-technical audiences. By using the inherent curiosity and excitement about working in the extreme environment of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, ANDRILL’s international network of scientists and educators work together to convey a deeper understanding of current geoscience research, as well as the process of science. The ARISE (ANDRILL