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EBA: Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic: The Response of Life to Change

imageThe SCAR-programme EBA (2004-13) will address the impacts of climate change on species biodiversity, evolutionary adaptations and depletion of marine fisheries on community dynamics in the Southern Ocean. A better understanding of the effect of such changes will be obtained by investigating the acclimatory responses to high latitudes. It will contribute to development of a baseline understanding of sensitive ecosystems.

EBA is new since SCAR-2004 (it runs to 2013); it also assembles SCAR lapsed activities: EASIZ, EVOLANTA, RiSCC; besides taking the legacy of these programmes, it is related to other activities: e.g. CAML, ICEFISH, ANDEEP-SYSTCO, MarBIN, CLICOPEN, HABIPOL, HERMES, CCAMLR, IAI. It will also comprise the start of new programmes, which will mostly outlive IPY.