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IPY Projects related to Ice Sheets


The first International Polar Science Day was held on September 21st and focussed on Sea Ice. The second will occur on Thursday, December 13th, and will focus on Ice Sheets, Traverses, and Exploration.

Below is a list of IPY projects that study, or are concerned with, some aspect of Ice Sheets. Their webpages contain a huge amount of information, and the full proposals contain contact information at the end.

The following list includes IPY ID and chart name, and short title:

13 Sea Level & Tides in Polar Regions
20 Air-Ice Chemical Interactions AICI-IPY
27 History of the International Polar Years
37 Glacier Response to Warming GLACIODYN
39 Arctic Paleoclimate APEX
41 Antarctic Plateau Science CONCORDIA
42 Subglacial Lake Environments SALE-UNITED (media contact incl)
88 Surface Accumulation & Ice Discharge ASAID (media contact incl)
91 Polar Snapshot from Space GIIPSY
97 Cyrosphere Evolution ICECAP
100 History of IPY Field Stations
105 State & Fate of the Cryosphere Cryos
107 Ice & Climate of Penninsula IPY-AP (media contact incl)
118 Greenland Ice Sheet History
125 Ice & Snow Mass Balances
147 University Consortium for Antarctica IAI
152 East Antarctic Traverse TASTE-IDEA Expeditions
185 Polar Earth Observing Network POLENET (media contact incl)
258 Amundsen Sea Active Ice Sheets
313 Prydz Bay, Amery Ice Shelf, & Dome A PANDA
339 Greenland Ice Discharges MARGINS
459 IceCube(media contact incl)
461 Image Mosaic of Antarctica LIMA (media contact incl)


Want to know more about IPY Projects? Have a look at this interactive IPY chart (2.5MB) (click on the hexagons while connected to the internet and get transported to the project page) or browse our projects pages and project database.

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Stephen Ingalls, Nov 27th, 2007:

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Please include the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets in the IPY projects related to ice sheets above.  We are a NSF-sponsored science and technology center headquartered at the University of Kansas with five other domestic university partners and several other collaborators.

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