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IPY Projects related to Land and Life

The first International Polar Science Day focussed on Sea Ice. The second focussed on Ice Sheets, and the third on our Changing Earth.

The IPY Day on June 18th will focus on Land and Life.

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The following lists IPY projects that explore the Land and Life at the Polar regions. Their webpages contain a huge amount of information, and the full proposals contain contact information at the end.

IPY ID, chart name, and short title:

50 Permafrost Observatories
33 Permafrost and Soil Environments ANTPAS
373 Carbon Pools in Permafrost
214 Land Ecosystem Changes Back To the Future
55 Ecosystem Response to Changes MERGE
86 USGS Integrated Research
138 Cold Land Processes
188 Tundra Experiment
21 USNP Environmental Change
151 Past & Present Conditions
452 Biology & Ecology of Antarctica
59 Terrestrial Ecosystems TARANTELLA
213 Environmental Impacts ENVISNAR
423 Pan-Arctic Lake Ice Cover
169 Northern Lakes
139 Greening of the Arctic
170 Aliens in Antarctica
104 Hydrological Cycle
202 Freshwater Biodiversity Network
300 Biodiversity of Arctic Chars
133 Biodiversity Monitoring CBMP
11 Wildlife Observatories
72 Biological Diversity Network
90 Coastal Observatory Network
172 Bird Health
37 Glacier Response to Warming GLACIODYN
367 History of Fast Ice Flows

Want to know more about IPY Projects? Have a look at this interactive IPY chart (2.5MB) (click on the hexagons while connected to the internet and get transported to the project page) or browse our projects pages and project database.

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