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IPY Projects related to People

Previous International Polar Days have focussed on Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, our Changing Earth, and Land and Life. The IPY Day on September 24th will focus on People.

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The following lists IPY projects that consider the Human Dimension at the Polar regions. Their webpages contain a huge amount of information, and the full proposals contain contact information at the end.

IPY ID, chart name, and short title:

6 Dynamic Social Strategies
10 Historical Exploitation of Polar Areas LASHIPA
21 USNP Environmental Change
27 History of International Polar Years
30 Sami in Literature
46 Traditional Indigenous Land Use Areas MODIL-NAO
82 The Linguistic and Cultural Heritage Electronic Network LICHEN
100 History of IPY Field Stations
120 Northern Climate Variability NORCLIM
123 Glocalization
157 Community Adaption & Vulnerability CAVIAR
162 Rangifer Monitoring CARMA
164 Inuit, Narwhals, & Tusks
166 Sea Ice Knowledge & Use
167 Human Health Initiative AHHI
170 Aliens in Antarctica
183 Community Resiliency and Diversity
186 Food Safety & Wildlife Health
187 Exchange Local Knowledge ELOKA
210 Global Change - Social Challenges
227 Political Economy of Development
247 Bering Sea Community Monitoring
310 Gas, Arctic Peoples, and Security GAPS
337 Dynamics of Circumpolar Land Use and Ethnicity CLUE
384 Food Surveillance System
386 Survey of Living Conditions SLICA-RAAS
399 Reindeer Herding and Climate Change EAL

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