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Polar Oceans: What’s on

One way to participate in Polar Oceans Day is to organise your own local event throughout the week of 18th to 25th March 2009. This could be anything from organising games and activities related to polar oceans to researchers visiting schools to discuss their science.

Below we list all Polar Oceans events, including activities in Scotland, Canada, Mexico, USA, Greenland, Italy, Brazil, and Malaysia.


Jill Zamzow

Summary of Events:
Please check out our Meet The Scientists page for biographies of participating researchers.

Saturday & Sunday, March 14th - 15th:
Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, UK: Hands-on public engagement with by Drs Elanor Bell and Arlene Rowan, researchers from the Scottish Association for Marine Science who will be displaying Arctic research footage from recent expeditions at Our Dynamic Earth science centre in Edinburgh.
In addition, there will be a full room on Arctic research on display during the SAMS open day on Saturday 7 March, 1100-1700 in Oban.
Contact: {Anuschka Miller,}

Tuesday, March 17th:
Worldwide: IGLO Science Centres connect to each other, and researchers in the Arctic & Antarctic. Live webcast and email/chat means everyone can participate.
Featuring: Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, UNAM University Science Museum, Mexico City, Maryland Science Centre, and scientists in the field Andy Mahoney (Antarctica), Russ Hopcraft (Alaska), and Irene Fu
Start time: San Francisco 0900, Chicago 1100, east coast US 1200, UK 1600, Europe 1700
Duration: 90 minutes
a) videoconferencing - contact {Kristi Skebo,} for technical details
b) live webcast and textchat - requires Qucktime or Windows Media Player.
Download joining instructions.
Contact: {Kristi Skebo,}

Wednesday, March 18th:
Canada & worldwide: “Oceans and Marine Life Polar Day”, an International Polar Year (IPY) webcast event, is taking place live from 1 p.m. to 4 p.,m., (UTC 1700) originating from the theatre of the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec, and also accessible via the web.
The webcast will include presentations about marine mammals, especially satellite tagging of beluga whales, and a live link to researchers on the ice of the Beaufort Sea examining key big-picture science issues about air-surface chemical interactions in the Arctic. Contact: {Pat Hunter, HunterP@DFO-MPO.GC.CA}

Thursday, March 19th:
New Orleans, USA: NSTA Teacher’s Conference featuring:
- PolarTrec “Live From IPY!” demo- connection to researchers and classrooms Contact: {Kristin Timm,}
- Featured Talk; IPY: Global collaboration in science and education, Dr. Sandy Zicus (9:00-9:30 am, Napoleon Ballroom, Hilton)

Germany, Hannover: Two enthusiastic young polar researchers will visit the school IGS List in Hannover to work with kids and introduce them to the fascination of Polar Regions. PhD student Mike Froemel, from the University of Potsdam is doing research on historic Arctic expeditions, and will talk about travel in the polar regions about 200 years ago: who travelled, why people did so, how first expeditioners received the Inuits and issues northern people face today. The wildlife biologist Kim Jochum will work with the kids on finding out what makes the Arctic ecosystem so special, what adaption’s the polar bear needs for survival, polar bear biology, and how she works in the field, especially the importance to know how stay warm! The event will hopefully include a videoconference with a researcher in the field.

Friday, March 20th:
Paris, France: Public Polar Evening at the Musée (Cite des Sciences) at La Villette, for French and German speakers. Includes an international panel of polar experts and live connection to the Arctic. Simultaneous translation into French & German also available. Starts 1900 hrs.
Event flyer

Alexandra Steffen & Ralf Staebler, Live from Barrow, Alaska
Rolf Gradinger, Live from the Bering Sea on the Healy Icebreaker
Heidi Kassens, Live from the Laptev Sea
Contact: {Stephanie Schaal,}

Manitoba, Canada Arctic Science and Fieldwork day at Fort Whyte Alive outdoor education center. The context for this day will be polar research and climate change education. 10-15 graduate students will be simulating Arctic research with approximately 150 students from two middle- and high-school city schools. Students and teachers will rotate through stations on Snow & Ice, Water, Sediment Cores, Meteorology, People and Beluga.

Contact: {Lucette Barber,}

Malaysia The University Information & Technology MARA, (UiTM), is organising a Forum on IPY called “International Polar Year - I’m involved, are YOU?”. This Forum is providing a platform for students to understand the effects of climate change on the Polar Regions that is affecting people living in this part of the world. About 150-200 students from UiTM Association of Environmental Law and the Science Association will attend. The students will have the opportunity to join APECS to get connected and to do their part in taking positive actions, in order to save the Polar Regions and the environment at large. This will be followed by a live connection to Dr Jose Xavier on a ship approaching Antarctica.
Contact: {Khadijiah Abdul Rahman-Sinclair,}

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, March 21st - 23rd: families around the world try the activities and launch a virtual balloon!


Tuesday, March 24th:
Brazil Brazilian radio, Claretiana FM, talks live to Portugese researcher Jose Xavier, live from a ship in Antarctica

Wednesday, March 25th:
EVENT ARCHIVE: listen again">EVENT ARCHIVE: listen again
Worldwide: PolarTrec “Live From IPY!” connection between classrooms around the world to researchers in both the Arctic and the Antarctic.
Featuring: Lee Cooper, Live from the Bering Sea on the Healy Icebreaker; Andy Mahoney, Live from Antarctica (See Meet The Scientists for bios)
Start time: at UTC 1800 corresponds to: Alaska 1000, CA 1100, Chicago 1300, NYC 1400, Chile 1400, Sao Paulo 1500, UK 1800, Europe 1900, NZ 0700
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
Contact: {Kristin Timm,}

Friday, March 27th:
Italy Videoconference between the Natural Science Museum of Trento and the National Museum of Antarctica in Genova. There may also be a third connection. Participating students will be listening to presentations focusing on:
- the polar oceans and the biological life
- the polar oceans and the research aimed to understand the climate and his history.
- the polar oceans as the place of meeting between scientific research and adventure
Speakers are from OGS (the Oceanographic Institute of Trieste) and the Italian Programme for Antarctic Research (PNRA):
- Paolo Povero, oceanographer , University of Genoa focusing on polar oceans and the biological life
- Michele Rebesco, OGS - Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale GEologia MARina (GEMAR) research Group - Co-ordinator, Dip. RIMA - Development of technology and marine research focusing on polar oceans and the research aimed to understand the climate and his history.

The event, and on-line polar contest, will be launched on and National Museum of Antartica Small prizes will be offered by the National Museum of Antartica.

Saturday & Sunday, March 28th- 29th


Monday, March 30th:
*PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE FOR THIS EVENT IN NWT, Canada: CKLB radio feature a special Polar Oceans Day broadcast from and to communities across the Arctic, and streamed to the internet worldwide.
Tune in, wherever you are in the world
Start time: 1300-1400 MDT, 1500-1600 EDT, 1900-2000 UTC
Contact: {Krisit Skebo,}

On-going, or Date To be Confirmed

UK and Portugal Jose Xavier is an APECS researcher and climate biologist who will be on a ship in the Southern Ocean throughout this time. He will be calling schools in Leicester & Cambridge (UK), as well as Albufeira, Vila Nova de Cacela, and Lisboa from the ship.

Nuuk, Greenland School visit to the Center of Marine Ecology and Climate Impact in Nuuk to meet IPY researchers studying polar oceans.
Fifteen 10th grade students will join a group of scientists at the institute of natural resources in Nuuk. They will be given a lecture of the fjord monitoring programme and the biotopes examined. Following this they will be engaged in practical activities alongside the scientists. The day will end with a follow-up session.
Contact: {Lars Poort,}